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Mark Anderson   
Mark Avery   
Chris Baernreuther
Peter Bastke   
Jaydean Boldt   
Vivian Borges de Moraes (Myers)    
Jani Bravine (Putnam)    
Charisa Bridges    
Dave Britton   
Nate Burk   
Alistair Burrows (Kuegler)    
Stephan Busenitz
Dan Dailey    
Nicolai Dillow  
Jaakon Dolence
Brian Driscoll
Charles Dube
Tanis Dueck (Froese)   
Monica Dyck   
David Faehling   
Harold Fleurke    
Lance Frye
Andy Fuller-Lewis    
Dan Gallaugher    
Cathy Geiser (Ryburn)   
Arlo Gonser
Anne Green (Winter)   
Talitha Habets   
Stephen Hanks    
Mary Hickey   
Ruth Horie
Margo Horsey (Kragh)    
John Kaufmann
Frank King   
Heather LaMay (Nelsen)    
Trish Lynn (Haglund)    
Jonathan Malek
Deanna Matheuszik   
Steve McCullough   
Kurt Meier
Kevin Morris
Darlene Muia (Kroon)    
Lisa Neely  
Priscilla Negron (McKinney)    
Aksell Nicolaides
Lori Nidever (Nidersson)    
Gretchen Olson (Wright)   
Tobias Rehnstrom
Mike Saad    
Lianne Schroeder
Lisa Schroeder
Andrew Silvis
Katherine Snyder (Mohler)   
Joan Stewart    
Amba Subrahmanyam
Maxence Tatford  
Manami Tezuka  
Mark Toews   
Jennifer Webster    
Niklas Wendel
Anne Winnes (Bickle)    
Chrissy Wooten   
William Wordon
Katie Worley (Wilson)    

Guest Members

Sheri Abel (Teacher)
Marilyn Dailey (Dailey)   
Harold Klassen (Staff)   
Amy Matson (Teacher)   
Jan Peters (Dorm Staff)  
Michele Phoenix ('86, Curre…)    
Andy Polding (93)  
Mark Reimer (Reimer)    

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